Our activities

Yoga is contact and connection with everything around us: we offer video courses that allow you to practice yoga and mindfulness directly in hotel rooms, or at spas, swimming pools, wellness and fitness areas, rooftops, parks and gardens of the most exclusive structures hotel. Our team of specialized teachers will allow you to perceive the deepest essence of the beauty that surrounds you, in every context.

Yoga in hotel

Anyone can breathe. Therefore, anyone can practice Yoga
T.K.V. Desikachar

Yoga for companies

Well-being generates well-being: Trybe offers corporate wellbeing programs organized for your team and your customers through yoga and mindfulness courses both online and in presence. We will accompany you with passion, care and professionalism in an individual or collective journey that will help your personal and work attitudes to discover your inner balance.

Yoga Experience

Inhale deeply to bring your mind back to your body

Yoga is bond and union with the surrounding world: through the experiences organized by Trybe you can experience the deep connection between the practices of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation with the beauty, culture, art and nature in which we are immersed. Our lessons, suitable for every level of practice and built on the basis of individual needs, will give you the opportunity to discover a new balance, experiencing a profound sensation of well-being and harmony. An authentic regeneration through the support of in-depth talks and plant-based menus studied together with our nutritionists.

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