Try to be yourself

Trybe is yoga in the hotel, in the office, in a museum in front of a masterpiece. Trybe is yoga wherever you are: the partner who will accompany you on a journey of physical and mental well-being thanks to the experience of qualified teachers who offer online and offline lessons.

The founders

We are Francesca, Camilla and Benedetta. We have imagined a project to work on with passion, an “urban tribe” that includes, generates, supports, shares and loves through all the disciplines of yoga. For this reason we have decided to expand our offer, also addressing companies and hotels with wellness proposals and wellbeing programmes.

Francesca Senette

Yoga changed my life because it united many parts of me with a thread of awareness; it brought meaning and direction, it revolutionized my daily life, it made me better; it gave me back a sense of well-being regardless of the rest, from the outside, from the others.
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Camilla Vigorelli

Yoga changed my life because it gave meaning to everything that seemed to lack meaning. It supported me and made me stronger in a moment of great difficulty, it changed my relationship with my body, with others and with the world. He ignited the magic of the heart, which has been shining every day ever since.
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Benedetta Benvenuto

Yoga changed my life because it saved me in difficult situations. It centered and helped me spiritually, led me to take the right direction in life and to become the best version of myself every day.
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